Custom Packaging Boxes

Custom Packaging Boxes


The Importance Of Packaging In The Retail Industry

Just about everything sold in the retail industry comes in some form of packaging. Most of it is made of plastics, from candy boxes to game cases. In fact it is hard to think of a retail item sold that does not have some form of plastic packaging. Even the emergent cardboard gift boxes are mostly laminated with a plastic film outside, not to mention the commonly used EVA or sponge inserts.

Packaging is no doubt essential in the retail industry. Simply put, the packaging protects the goods both during transit and when displayed in the shops. (Actually, many shirts, for example, may be made in China or Vietnam and have to travel thousands of miles before landing on the shelves there in England).

Retail packaging varies from simple cellophane bags for shirts, to custom-size plastic packaging boxes for children’s toys through to rigid plastic watch cases.

The only unfortunate thing about most retail packaging is that it is nearly all plastic which is not biodegradable. Plastic packaging is used as it is very durable and provides good protection for goods. It is used as it is cheap to produce and can be easily made into virtually any shape imaginable, and while the plastic packaging may tend to be scratched, it does prevent the items inside it being scratched.

Retail packaging is probably the largest packaging market in the world with virtually every item sold in the high street coming in some form of packaging. Common uses of plastic packaging include plastic wrappers for clothes, cases for DVD’s, and cardboard boxes with foam inserts for nearly all electrical goods (Even large American style fridge freezers come in very large cardboard boxes).

There is however pressure on companies to change the amount of retail packaging they use in order to make the environment greener.

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